Where Amsterdam meets Chengdu!

made in Chengdu!

Known for its history in the spice trade, the capital city of Sichuan province in China: Chengdu is a real foodie city. Big pots filled with spicy delicious broth bubbling away on the streets have been a familiar sight here for centuries.

One pot love

What started back in the days as a simple but popular streetfood soon became one of the most popular dishes of the east. Skewers were introduced to stick the fresh ingredients such as vegetables, bean curd, meat and fish into one pot of broth to cook all together.


We believe in trying new things. New flavours and ingredients.

Step 1: choose your broth: spicy or not spicy?
Step 2: choose your ingredients on sticks. We have a very diverse selection of fresh ingredients which we come from local Dutch farms and we use as much seasonal produce as possible. Or get adventurous with traditional Chinese options such as duck tongue, frog legs, tripe or do you prefer a vegan option with lotus root, waterspinach and bean curd? You do you.


Whether it’s the taste of home or a culinary adventure: it’s the hot pot that brings us together. So: bring your friends, family and start your adventure. We know the best things happen over hot pot.

Street food loves street art

By Sharing Chengdu’s love for food & creative culture with Amsterdam: the city that loves music, art, freedom, subculture, history, food and is open-minded, alternative and tolerant, we hope to spice up your life. A little bit of Chengdu and a little bit of Amsterdam in the pot.

GROUP history

In 1996, the first Yuan’s Hot Pot (Yuan’s Chuan Chuan Xiang in Chinese) restaurant was established in Chengdu, China. For over 20 years, Yuan’s have remained the leader of the industry.

Currently, Yuan’s has already established over four hundred restaurants in China.

In 2017, the direct operation restaurant was established in Vancouver, Canada, and became the first brand in the industry to go abroad.

In June, 2018, the first European Yuan’s Hot Pot restaurant opened in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Yuan’s Hot Pot has received a wide range of honor and awards such as “Famous Trademarks of Sichuan”, “Famous Brand Enterprise of Food Services”.